Pt. 2 Honoring HBCU college graduates

You are special. Black college graduates are especially important during times of pandemics and in the post-pandemic era.

There is a major push to help prepare our students of today for employment and careers of “tomorrow.” Tomorrow has arrived. Are we ready? Let’s ensure our legacy and that we are able to capture experiences for generations to come.

The following pictorial are of HBCU grads who are advancing in their career fields. If you can identify them (or if it is you), connect and tag the person and HBCU.

Hint: This Orlando native is living on the west coast. Living and working in his best life!
Hint: The glorious lady in the green gown made her heavenly transition last year. She is my Soror and the lady she is helping has also moved on to become our ancestor. Her name is Maya Angelou. Now name the tall lady and her undergraduate university.
Hint: She is a lady claimed now with our ancestors. She attended my sister institution in the Atlanta University Center, and remains my Soror-in the chapter beyond.
Hint: She is an actor, director and producer. Last year, she married a fabulous man.
Hint: He was a metro Atlanta All-Star football standout. He played football at a university and is now a proud grad with a great job ahead of him.
Hint: He is the pastor of a large and productive Atlanta-based church that regularly features a celebrity minister who …”Save My Life” shows are popular.
Hint: A superb photographer who is a member of the Divine Nine. Florida native.
Hint: These ladies are graduates of the same Florida university. Both love broadcast journalism.
Hint: We both were layered up for the “hawk” in the Windy City, yet we were classmates in a much warmer climate.
Hint: He is a TV reporter in a large market. He was once-upon-a-time, an anchor for his alma mater’s TV station and started his work in the same small market as big-time sports broadcaster Pam Oliver.
Hint: The president of this Nebraska Alpha Eta Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was “made” at my alma mater.
Hint: My “brother” in the chapter beyond is in the center of this great photo with his Morris Brown College chapter brothers
Hint: Which schools did my nephews graduate from … the schools are not making up the backdrop of this photo
Hint: Hardest one perhaps. I was the advisor to the later group of these young ladies while I was dean of a certain Southern university’s School.

Enjoy and interact!

Author: Learning family histories

Our genealogy traces our family from western and central Africa and western Europe. Our ancestors entered the United States at the Virginia and Georgia Ports. First cousins Mark Owen and Ann Lineve Wead (it is protocol to use the maiden names of females in genealogy searches) are responsible for writing this blog. Although Ann has been involved in genealogy research while searching for certain ancestors since the age of 10, the cousins began deeper research of their families during the COVID-19 Pandemic Year of 2020. Devoting as much as 6 hours some evenings to the methodical training and research of genealogy, the cousins completed the year 2020 by earning genealogy certificates. Join us. @goodgenesgenealogy on wordpress and fb, twitter Sign up for our blog and enjoy the journey.

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