M to the M: Happy Birthday, Ancestor Malcolm X: Omaha’s Malcolm to Monty

Monty also appeared in various roles in the 1992 Malcolm X movie co-produced by his college buddy, Spike Lee and others.

May 19th is the birthday of Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little in my hometown, Omaha, Nebraska. In some ways, man who joined the ancestors, Malcolm X, passed a torch of truth, civility, courage, creativity and leadership to “homeboy” Monty Ross, award-winning and yet, unsung filmmaker.

Hands-down the best commercial movie depicting the life of Malcolm was co-produced by Monty during his years as an executive with New York-based Forty Acres and a Mule, founded by Spike Lee.

Monty and I grew up in the same Nebraska city and graduated from the same Georgia college. We remain close friends today.

In honor of Malcolm’s birthday, learn more about Monty who is an unsung hero, wise man and superior creative producer, editor, director, teacher in the filmmaking business. Below is a piece in 1988 that I wrote for our hometown magazine.

Happy birthday, Ancestor Malcolm. Happy birthday to my twin children, John and Jocelyn Kimbrough, and to my cousins, Lori Owen and Lisa Lewis. May 19 is a big day in our lives.

“Malcolm X” — the movie was co-produced by Filmmaker Monty Ross, born in same hometown as Malcolm X.
It was my honor to write this article about Monty Ross, my college classmate, hometown buddy and unsung hero. #Omaha

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