Watch 90+-year old Xi Xi Zeta Charter Member Share History on YouTube

March 16, 2021 marked our grad chapter’s 32nd anniversary. This retro video was recorded in 2019, Lithonia, Georgia.

My Legacy Soror Mom are among XiXiZeta’s founding. Listen, learn and love!

Here’s our history as scribed by Mom, Angie Wead and my Sister-Mom, Mary Martin-Blackmon.




MARCH 16, 1989

Soror Dove  Dr. Genova H. Lawrence saw a need to form a Zeta Phi Beta chapter in the Lithonia, Georgia area, when several women approached her with an interest in  becoming Zetas.  She had also met other graduate Sorors, who wanted to reclaim.  Shen then called a meeting at her home to organize a chapter, after she met for several months with prospective Sorors and graduate Sorors.  Note:  Soror Lawrence attended all Boule’s and met the five founders and three Sigmas (who assisted in the founding of the Sorority).

The Xi Xi Zeta Chapter was organized in 1988 and chartered on March 16, 1989 in Lithonia, Georgia by the Georgia State Director, Soror Bettye H. Shelling (Triumphant).  Chartering Sorors:  Dr Genova Lawrence, Veronica Lawrence-Bacote, Eula Hardiman, Ethel Chapman, Yvonne Mazyck.  Sorors immediately joining the chapter:  Sorors Josephine Cloud (Triumphant), Patricia Felder, Shirley Jefferson, Arlene Hawkins, Ann Kimbrough, and Angeline Wead.

The chapter reached out to the community and started the following programs:

            The African American Cultural History Club at Bruce Street Housing .  Three Sorors – Sorors Lawrence, Felder and Cloud knocked or rang forty doorbells to talk with occupants about the program, including:

  • An Archonian Club.
  • A tutorial program.
  • Chartered the Delta Xi Undergraduate chapter at DeVry of Technology on October 14, 1989.  sig Ann Kimbrough was the Dean of Pledges.  This chapter was later to the Kappa Psi Zeta sorority chapter.
  • Sponsored a Blue Revue Pageant in 1990.  5 scholarships and 15 awards were presented.

Page 2 – Xi Xi Zeta 30th Anniversary

  • A Saddler Club was organized with our youth group on Soror Lawrence’s Nova Glen farm.
  • Provided Thanksgiving Dinner, for several years, to the residents of Bethel A.M.E. Church Towers, assisted by Sigma Brothers – Rev. Joel Miles, Sr.(triumphant), Dr. Rufus Lawrence (triumphant, Brother Bruce Blackmon, and other volunteers.
  • Chapter Sorors have attended and/or contributed to all Georgia State Conferences, Regional Conferences, Boule’s and ZHope projects.
  • Participation/support in the annual Stork’s Nest Blitz, in March for Babies/March of Dimes, Relay for Life, community walks, and other community activities.
  • Representatives-Annual Founder’s Day Sigma/Zeta Brunch Committee

Chapter Basilei (1989 – Present):  Sorors Dr. Genova Lawrence, Dr. Angela Johnson, Angela Garrett (Triumphant), Deborah McClanahan, and Faye Rashid.

The chapter celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a Sisterhood Tea on March 16, 2019 at Soror/Dove Genova Lawrence’s home.  The event is presented on you tube,


Submitted for all record-keeping by Sorors Angeline C. Wead and Mary Martin-Blackmon

Mom (Angie Wead) and me during the 2019 activities and photos.
Soror Mary Martin-Blackmon during a pre-COVID-19 activity with our chapter at her church in Lithonia, GA