Why Genealogy? Why Now?

This logo, designed my best friend since our freshmen years at Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University), captures the essence of my work.

At age 10, I began my intense inquiries about my extended family. My ancestors fought on both sides of the Civil War, owned hundreds of acres of property during the Reconstruction Period, were philanthropists and endured torturous enslavement and worse.

I learned those gems from the stories by my oldest relatives and great-cousins, uncles and aunts who lived in the family home cities of Helena, Fayetteville and Hope, Arkansas; Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; Pensacola, Florida and my birthplace, Omaha, Nebraska.

Contrast that with school-issued history textbooks and traditional media sources that never brought alive the vibrancy I felt when I heard the stories about my ancestors. Thankfully, the African American media that included the Omaha Star newspaper, Johnson Publishing’s weekly and monthly publications, allowed me to see myself in the pages.

The best information I received came from my Dad during his daily dinner table conversations with my siblings, Mom and me. He majored in history and education at a Lutheran-founded college in Nebraska. I lived inside of the stories about the spectacular histories of the Africans, black peoples around the world, the awful truths about our enslaved ancestors and perhaps thousands of other nuggets.

Today, I remain fervently interested in the lives and times of what many have termed the “forgotten peoples” of our past.


I’ve captured hundreds of stories in my journals that I’ve kept since the age of 10. The stories and patterns that emerge from those entries reveal similar patterns that my ancestors encountered. From their legacies, I press on with renewed courage, affirmations of truth and faith denouncements of obstacles.

Stay tuned and welcome to my world. My maternal first cousin and business partner, Mark Owen, is equally charged about our newest venture. Welcome to our world while we help others discover, cherish and gain from their pasts.


Our combined companies “Good Genes Genealogical Services” and “Wead Write Away and Genealogy” will deliver the best how-to’s on how to uncover Black Genealogy, which is African, European and Native American ancestry.


Researching family histories is a time-consuming and rewarding service. Specialized researchers will be available.

Details to come

Multi-media production

HBCU grads and Divine Nine folk make up the production team that will assist Wead Write Away and Genealogy with producing blogs, books, vlogs and other offerings.

Details to come

2 thoughts on “Why Genealogy? Why Now?”

  1. Ann, this is really exciting. I crave to learn more about my ancestors. My knowledge about my family is not as extensive as yours because it just wasn’t passed down. That’s something that really bugs me because I want to learn so much more about the maternal and paternal sides of my family. I’ve gotten some information through Ancestry.com, but it is still limited. I’d appreciate any tips.

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    1. Marcia: Thank you for reading and responding!I am going to send you our black genealogy starter e-book … at no cost. You are family. Please sign up for this blog and “like” and we’ll schedule our time to begin your research to achieve what I, too, sought.


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